A prominent and respected presence on the New York metropolitan area event scene, Manhattan event planner Leslie Mastin brings an unrivaled combination of expertise, creativity and dedication to every event she produces – and is widely regarded as a true artist of the event world. Famed for her flawless taste, eye for elegance and playful, whimsical touches, she possesses a unique ability to create spectacular environments and details while capturing the heart of each event…. from the most imaginative decors to the most subtle nuances.

Taking a deeply individualized approach, she listens carefully to needs and goals and creates a brand of magic that continues to surprise and delight her clients, who return to her time and time again. Over the course of her illustrious career, she has built an outstanding reputation for her standards of excellence and unmatched integrity, curating from the finest resources available and treating each and every event as if it were her own.


“How This Wedding Planner Redefines Fortitude”.. Forbes

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she is passionateabout her work

Leslie sees each and every event as a magnificent work of art – sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes fantastic, sometimes chicly edgy or luxuriously elegant, often rich in poignant emotion….from happy tears of joy to the intense pride of accomplishment to the delight of the perfect surprise to the relish of an extraordinary, absolutely one-of-a-kind celebration!